About LEW Site Construction

Much has changed since 1969, when LEW LLC began his excavation business with a single bulldozer

Our company has experienced tremendous growth and has established solid relationships with numerous developers, contractors, and design professionals throughout Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Our signature of quality is written across the landscape where we’ve completed hundreds of site work projects – totaling thousands of acres and millions of cubic yards of earth moved and shaped with precision.

We are proud of our heritage of building communities and industrial & commercial sites, where people work, shop, and enjoy life – and we are pleased to continue this legacy.

LEW Site Construction

Why Choose LEW Site Developers

LEW Site Construction

Estimating & Pre-Construction

The LEW Estimating Team is a group of seasoned construction professionals that bring a wealth of field expertise to the pre-construction process. Our senior estimators have worked in the field and experienced the elements – mud, heat, and cold and understand what it takes to achieve production and meet the schedule in various geologic/soil conditions and terrains.

As the LEW estimators study drawings and build the estimate, they visualize cutting and filling a vast site to grade & installing storm water and underground utilities at various depths. They fully understand how to sequence & build a project with the appropriate equipment, crews, subcontractors, and materials, and how to transform the scope of work in to competitive cost estimate.

The result is a well thought-out proposal that gives our customers the confidence of having a qualified number when putting together a general construction proposal or obtaining project financing.

Project Management & Construction

When all four of these elements are held to a high standard, they form a successful project. Our team understands it is our duty and responsibility to protect all four of these important elements for our customers. We’re not only in the business of construction – we’re in the business of caring for our clients and keeping them in business.

Unexpected issues that arise due to unforeseen existing conditions and changing weather must be effectively managed. We realize it takes constant communication and teamwork to develop solutions, in order to achieve ongoing success.

At LEW we have a high regard for the foreman and crews of expert, heavy equipment operators & skilled laborers. They are the ones that make it happen. We believe our focus on their success turns in to LEW’s success. Our high regard for field teams are matched by their dedication and accountability to carry out a high degree of safety, quality workmanship, and productivity.

  • Safety
  • Quality Workmanship
  • Meeting the Schedule
  • Meeting the Budget
LEW Site Construction
LEW Site Construction


Trusted relationships and repeat business are built on successful projects. We’re striving for general contractors and real estate developers who want LEW on their projects because they can count on positive results.

Mission Statement

LEW Site Construction LLC is a site development contractor serving the needs of land developers and general contractors as a trusted partner that continually strives for successful relationships and projects..

Vision Statement

LEW’s vision is to be recognized as the site development contractor of choice by customers, subcontractors, vendors, and employees who thrive on team and project success.

Core Values

LEW’s success in delivering quality site work services is driven by our core values: Integrity, Commitment, and Excellence (ICE).

We believe in applying our core values to:

  • How we think
  • What we do
  • How we build and foster quality relationships with our customers, subcontractors, suppliers, employees, peers, and the community.
Excellence - Commitment - Integrity

Integrity, commitment, and excellence are the three building blocks of our success.

They are interrelated and dependent on each other.

  • Acting with personal Integrity is the foundation of the ICE pyramid.
  • Commitment to positive, proactive behavior is the next layer.
  • Striving for Excellence in customer service and win-win relationships is the pinnacle of LEW’s success.